As a woman, I’ve heard that so much growing up. In fact, I’ve heard that so much that I have deep psychological problems. The people closest to me would tell me to be myself but then turn around and tell me things like, “boys don’t like girls with pony tails” or “boys don’t like girls with THAT MUCH make up.” Most of my high school days were spent with head aches from too long of hair (which I do miss my lucious locks) and barely any make up. I hid my video games from people and became a hard core athlete (which also miss). I emersed myself into church because boys loved girls who loved Jesus. That’s what I was told anyway. 

I wasn’t myself. I was battling depression and didn’t even know it because I lived in the kind of place that didn’t really accept that kind of thing (being an athlete helped me fight my illness.) I had become depressed when I became someone who wasn’t me. People saw me as the girl who was incredibly smart, who was captain of the basketball team, and prom queen. I had long brown hair that everyone noticed and loved. In reality, I was a girl who just wanted to read, write, play video games and go to school. I loved sports and being social, but it wasn’t always me. 

Now, I’m open about who I am and I love it. I play video games and I read and I love make up now! These are a few of my favorite things, actually. I’m so in love with who I am that when I tell someone “you’re the most beautiful when you’re yourself”, I actually mean it. 

The most beautiful you can be is by being yourself. You like video games, pony tails, and no make up? Then go for it. You like messy buns, yoga pants, and nude colors? Own it. You like hipster glasses, colored hair, and skirts? Then rock it!

Inner and outer beauty isn’t about what the world tells us is beautiful. True beauty is magnifying the kindness and love from within. It’s about finding your passions and pursuing them whole heartedly. It’s about loving people with no strings attached. True beauty is about being who you are today and being better tomorrow. 


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