About Me

I always feel funny writing an “About Me.” I never know what to say. I’m still learning about myself so it’s difficult to say who I truly am. But, this blog is about finding beauty within yourself and being happy with who you are so here it goes! 

One. I am a video game fanatic. My dad remarried when I was really young and he finally had sons. I hated dolls and I hated being girly (Past tense is key right here). So, I started hanging around when my dad would play video games with my brothers. I started liking what they were playing; I started collecting cards and playing on my own when I would spend summers at my second home. Eventually, my dad bought me my very own hand held gaming system, a Game Boy Advance, with Pokemon Red. I was stoked. I actually still have that game and still play the games. I’m also a huge Final Fantasy nerd and am I total badass at COD Zombies. I also have a Super Nintendo that was bought a few months before I was born so gaming is pretty much in my blood.

Two. Reading is life. There is nothing like picking up a book and being swept away. Angry? Read. Sad? Read. Happy? Read. Hungry? Read. I’ll read just about anything. Just this year, I’ve read around fifteen books. Harry Potter is my favorite book series and I’m a serious cult follower (5 shirts, a jacket, three wands, three horocruxes, all the books including Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, all the movies, the library books, philosophy books about Harry Potter, I have a research paper on the series, and my house is Ravenclaw). And I’m a quick reader. I take my time on series because I get so into the character development, but I can finish a 300 page book in about 6 hours. 

Three. I’m a writer. Yes, I’m getting all of the nerdy stuff out of the way… Who am I kidding? I AM A NERD! A ways, I’m a writer. Up to this point, I’ve only written short stories. I have another blog where I’m a bit more personal with my posts; kind of like a virtual diary that anyone can give advice on. But, writing is so calming. The sound of pencil to paper is soothing and the sound of nails against a keyboard is so satisfying. I’m actually working on my first book and have plans for a science fiction one I want to start after I finish the first one. Being a writer is something I’ve always wanted to do.

Four. I really enjoy traveling. I’ve only travelled in the US and I haven’t been everywhere, but I’m hoping to follow that dream soon. My boyfriend and I are planning to live a gypsy lifestyle while we decide where we want to live permanently and while I decide what to do with my life. 

Five. I love make up! When I say I love make up, I mean that I watch tutorials on days that I don’t put anything on and I’m constantly checking my ipsy bag. I love scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram and seeing the wonderful artwork of so many individuals. I am a firm belieber that make up is something to enhance the beauty that is already there. It’s a form of expression. I can’t stand for people to tell someone that they hate a color that someone else is wearing. It just kills their confidence. At least, this happens to me, but I’m working on this insecurity. I love mixing new combos and learning new tricks. Bold bright colors are usually my thing but I also love a grunge 90s look. 

Six. I’m a Capricorn. Do I live by my horoscopes?  No. Do I think our signs dictate our personality? Maybe. It’s so much fun to see what the stars and universe say about you; I find that my sign is almost completely in sync with my personality. 

Seven. I’m an introvert. I don’t mind going out and having a night on the town and meeting new people, but I do once every couple months. I love staying home, in my pajamas, and just chill. I guess that’s why I’m an English Major. 

 But, that’s me! I’m just your average 23 year old who really enjoys make up, being a nerd, and encouraging my fellow females around me. 


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